Grape pucker vodka shots

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Grape pucker vodka shots

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Pinnacle Grape Vodka , Grape Pucker , Tequila, Gin, Rum, Triple Sec, Sour, Sprite, and a splash of Chateau Monet. Pinnacle Grape Vodka , grape pucker , lime juice, sour, and Sprite.

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Perfect Jello Shots every time! Taste tested jello shot recipes! Awesome Jello Shots Recipes!! Taste tested!! 1 cup boiling water* ½ cup vodka (or other hard liquor) ½ cup flavored liqueur/ schnapps/ pucker 1 small box jello (3 oz.)

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T-Virus and Antidote (Resident Evil shots ) Ingredients:T-Virus-2 oz Blue Curacao1/4 tsp Agar powder1amp;#160;1/2 oz Citrus vodka T-Virus Antidote-2 oz Midori1/4 tsp Agar powder1amp;#160;1/2 oz Citrus vodka Tools-Small

is jello butterscotch pudding vegan / (light fluffy cheesecake jello

cranberry vodka slush jello grape jello shots with pucker jello pudding trifle cool whip

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Absolut Vodka , Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Redbull, Grenadine and Malibu Rum Float Three Olive Grape Vodka , Tonic Absolut Vodka , Sour Apple Pucker , Sweet amp; Sour, 7up Pearl Pom Vodka , Pom Juice, 7up, Sugar Rim.

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Saturday Schnapps Shots - Hiram Walker Butternips, Peach, Strawberry, Spearmint and Redhot. Apple, Grape and Watermelon Pucker. Fuzzy Navels - Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps and orange juice.;htm

The Best Blue Jell-O Shot

1/4 cup) Vodka or cold water. Raspberry Pucker - The raspberry liqueur that we chose turned the Jell-O a grape jelly purple, which could be considered a liability. After all, half the fun of blue Jell-O is that it’s blue.

Alawai Canal recipe

A delicious recipe for Alawai Canal, with DeKuyper® Grape Pucker schnapps, raspberry vodka , pineapple juice and Sprite® soda.

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Kimmy From Lodo’S IN Denver Colorado Made This Cocktail Start With A Tall Glass Filled With ICE AND ADD Pucker Grape Vodka Chambord 7-UP Lemonade Give IT A Stir AND Enjoy log/2011/08/


Makes 20-22 shots. . 1 (3-ounce) package Grape Jello 1 cup water ½ cup Grape Pucker ½ cup currant vodka or berry vodka